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Introducing NestHub

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Introducing NestHub

System - Saturday, May 19, 2018

Big things are happening at PMW!

At PMW we pride ourselves on three things: building the best web assets for property managers, world class customer service, and staying at the forefront of the technology needs of property managers.

Our engineering team has been quietly working hard for many months, and as a result, we are proud to announce the launch of our new proprietary Website Management Platform, NestHub. Our goal with NestHub is to build the most robust and scalable website management platform within the property management industry.

In its most simplistic form, NestHub is the technology platform that will allow our team to optimally manage your website day-to-day. In its most scalable form, NestHub will include many exciting robust features (many of which will be exclusive to PMW customers) that will take your website and online presence to the next level.

Over the next few months, PMW will be migrating all of our website customers over to the industry's most advanced web hosting platform, NestHub. While you won't notice a difference in your service, you will see a HUGE upgrade in the following areas:


Speed: The NestHub platform allows our websites to perform up to 200% faster than the previous platform. Speed is a BIG part of Google’s current search algorithm and will positively impact your SEO.


High Availability: NestHub is an enterprise platform deployed on the Amazon Cloud across thousands of redundant servers globally. This is the same enterprise level configuration that companies like Facebook and Twitter use. If one, or multiple servers goes down, your site is never compromised.


Security: NestHub is the property management industry’s most robust and secure technology platform. To ensure the safety and integrity of your data, our data centers and services have several redundant layers of physical and operational security to protect your business 24/7.


Custom Embedded Listing Widget (PMW Exclusive): Each listing will now be embedded directly into your website. Every photo, description, video and form filled out will count toward usage data for your website. As the busiest potential section of your website, this is the single biggest SEO advancement for the property management industry within the last decade.


Advanced Blogging Platform with Advanced User Management: Fully customizable blog including layout, multiple authors, user profiles, and photos. Other features include SEO optimized URLs, custom metadata, and much more. Now you can get access to post and manage your blog content using the same technology deployed by WordPress.


Auto Syndication to Social Media (PMW Exclusive): Automatically syndicate blog posts to social media platforms in seconds (Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, etc.). This is a BIG time saver as well as an incredible SEO enhancement.


Secure Zones (great for a company intranet): Secure zones provide a safe place for your company intranet and allow for the creation of secure pages that can only be accessed secure login credentials. Easily give access to your entire office using your designated office IP address.


HTTPS: All PMW websites will now include HTTPS. Originally this security protocol was developed to protect passwords, payments, and sensitive data. HTTPS is much more secure than HTTP. Google’s search engine now defaults and prefers websites with HTTPS connections.

Feature advancements to be released:

  • Feature-Rich CRM System
  • Advanced Lead Nurturing (property owners)
  • Tenant Lead Tracking & Management
  • Website Analytics Dashboard
  • SEO Management
  • Advanced Web Form System

Other Services currently offered:

As the premier provider of website technology within the property management industry, our core mission continues to be to provide our customers with the very best web technology and customer support.

In the coming weeks, our team will be working diligently to migrate your website to the new NestHub platform. There will be no anticipated downtime or interruption of your services during this migration process.

In the interim, if you should have any questions regarding the migration, upcoming features, or additional service offerings, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

We sincerely appreciate your continued partnership!

The PMW Team

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